Mailing Address
Lenawee MCA
Bixby Emergency Department
818 Riverside Ave.
Adrian, MI 49221
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A medical control authority is tasked with ensuring the quality of care that we currently enjoy is being maintained. Because each provider agency in the county has its own continuous quality improvement (CQI) program the function that LCMCA really brings to the process would be to serve in a similar capacity to an external auditor. When variations from the protocols occur the LCMCA CQI subcommittee reviews the actions of the providers to ensure that appropriate medical decisions were made. Although the MCA has the authority to institute disciplinary action we can gladly state that LCMCA has never had to take disciplinary action against an agency or individual.  

Quarterly QA/QI complete forms and Run Complaint/Audits will be forwarded to PSRO Chairman Stacy Robinson at:

  Stacy Robinson, EMT-P/IC
PSRO Chairman
4008 S. Adrian Hwy
Adrian, MI 49220

 Email submission is no longer allowed, but forms may be hand delivered or Faxed to (517) 263-0108

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